I don’t want users to leave my app to do anything else!
Why should I send them shopping?

You don’t! SellinApp gives your app users the option of buying physical merchandise relevant to your app through an inviting shopping cart icon. The shopping cart is an integral part of your app, not a separate site. In this way, the users will never ever have to leave your app :-)!

But it’s so hard to buy items from a cell phone… People usually prefer to buy from their other devices. How is SellInApp different?

Traditionally, it has been far easier to shop on a device with a larger keyboard and screen than a smartphone. We have turned that upside down! With SellInApp the consumer needs to fill in only two fields of personal information, and the SellInAppp code does the rest….. Automatically uses GPS capabilities, and Facebook login, to enter information that the client has previously entered into their phone. And Presto!! Like magic, their personal details have been automatically filled into the form, and all that’s left for them to do is choose which fun item they’d like to have sent to them. Even easier than buying from a laptop or a desktop. You can buy with one hand! Or one finger!! While on the bus, walking to work, at the park with the puppy…. Anywhere you have your phone with you.

If SellInApp takes care of everything, how do I get increased revenue?

Similar to affiliate sales, you make 15% of every sale. The difference is with SellInApp sales, your user doesn’t leave your site. Your store is an integral part of your app.

What does it cost me?


I already have merchandise. Can SellInApp help me sell it?

Yes. SellInApp has a number of models that can suit developers’ needs. Want total control? Want to choose which merch is sold from your site? Want to use our platform in your own personalized way? No problem. Want SellInApp to take care of it all? You got it! We have options that will suit your needs, and will increase your revenues, risk-free.

How do I add SellInApp to my mobile app or game?

We provide you with the SDK, you choose where to place it in your app, which store icon you like, and that’s it! You get detailed written instructions, and we at SellInApp will help you all through the process, should you need it.

I don’t want ads in my app. How do I get around that?

Badly placed ads in apps are so annoying! With SellInApp, you get a cute little store icon to place wherever you think is best. Consumers click on the icon and are taken to a new page inside your app, where you can sell fun and useful merchandise that will make your users smile!

Will SellInApp change the look and feel of my app?

You have complete control over how you want to insert SellInApp into your app. You can choose one of our store logos, use your own design, or associate the access to your shop with the functionality of your choice.